Passenger Information

Lost Property

  • For assistance with misplaced items or luggage, luggage left on the baggage carousel, or damaged luggage, please contact your airline  directly.
  • For items lost in taxis on the way to or from the airport, please contact the taxi company directly.
  • For any items lost or found within the Rockhampton Airport terminal or car parks, please contact Customer Service on 1300 22 55 77.

Passenger Screening

Security screening of all passengers occurs at the entry point to the departures lounge.  The screening process involves a combination of the following measures:

  • The x-ray of goods, items and bags
  • Walking through a metal detector; and
  • Random explosive trace detection (ETD) on persons and goods.

Our security screening personnel undergo training in assisting passengers and visitors with the security screening process.  The training is in accordance with the Screening Practice Guidelines issued by the Office of Transport Security and ensures that the needs of all patrons are handled appropriately, whilst maintaining the integrity of the security processes.

The Australian Government has tips to help you prepare for your journey and clear security checks quickly and easily on their website TravelSECURE.

Friends and relatives are more than welcome to wait in the departures lounge with departing passengers.  No boarding pass is required however you will need to pass through the security screening point.

Can I Pack That?
Are the items you are packing safe to fly?  There is now an app available designed to help inform you about what you can and can't pack in your luggage.  Access the dangerous goods app here .

All batteries in checked luggage will be detected by x-ray.  Spare batteries not housed in appliances will not be permitted to travel in the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

Please place all spare batteries in your CARRY ON baggage.

Passengers should contact their airline or travel agent to confirm the security conditions or requirements.

Unattended Items

Baggage and personal items should, under no circumstances, be left unattended.  Any unattended item at the Airport will be treated as a suspicious item.  Please ensure that all baggage has your name and address details on the inside and your name and destination displayed on the outside.

140219_EYE_9920Percent20Invisible1.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge[1].jpg Disability Access

The Disability Access Facilitation Plan(PDF, 3MB) covers the availability and accessibility of services for passengers with specific travel needs or requirements.

If you require assistance with any element of your airline travel, we recommend that you contact the airline directly.  Most airlines publish their Disability Access Facilitation Plan on their website.  It is important to keep in mind that each airline has different facilities and services available for patrons with reduced mobility or specific health requirements.

A mobile elevator is also available to assist passengers in wheelchairs and those with mobility issues to be transported safely between the terminal and the aircraft.

Assistance Animals
Assistance animals are welcome inside the terminal building.  The assistance animal toilet facility is located centrally at the front of the terminal.  Please ensure that your airline is provided with adequate advanced notice if an assistance animal is travelling with the passenger. 

Terminal Facilities

Food & Beverage
Currently there are two food and beverage operators in the Airport, the Airport Café and Relay.

The Airport Café has a selection of hot and cold foods, coffee and drinks.

Relay offers a wide selection of newspapers, magazines, books and gifts as well as food and drinks.

There are two ATM’s, one located opposite the stairs near the check-in counters and the other outside the Relay store facing the car rental desks.

Wireless Internet
Free wireless internet is provided throughout the terminal building.

Charge Bar
Two free charge bars for charging phones, iPods, iPads or tablets are available in the terminal.  One is located opposite the Relay store and the other is located in the TV quiet area behind the Redi-ATM.

Toilets , Disability Toilets & Showers
Toilets are located at:

  • Southern end (opposite the baggage carousel)
  • Northern end (opposite the Virgin check-in) and;
  • Departures lounge (behind security screening)

There is also one shower at each end of the terminal near the toilet facilities.

Disabled Toilets are located in these areas and all have automatic doors.

Mothers Room
A nursing mother’s room is located at the northern end of the terminal adjacent to the children’s play area.

Vending Machines
There are four vending machines located in the terminal.  One drink and one snack machine in the departures lounge and one drink and one snack machine opposite the arrivals baggage carousels.

Public Phone
A public phone is located at the southern end of the terminal opposite baggage carousel number 2.

Australia Post Box
An Australia Post box is located in the 2 minute drop off zone within the short term car park.

Luggage Trolleys
Luggage Trolleys are available for hire and are located at the front of the terminal at both the southern and northern ends, all car parks including the covered car park.  These take either a $1 or $2 dollar coin and is refundable on return of the trolley.

Oversize Luggage
Oversize luggage can be claimed from the designated area at the southern end of the terminal near the baggage carousels.  All enquiries relating to luggage should be directed to the airline check-in desks.

Smoking Areas
The Queensland Government prohibits smoking in the terminal or within 4 metres of the entrance to the building.  Rockhampton Airport has provided two designated smoking areas located at:

  • The departures end of the terminal in the garden area opposite the covered car park
  • The arrivals or baggage collection end of the terminal before the taxi rank

Airport Management request members of the public refrain from smoking directly in front of the terminal doors which is a non-smoking area. 


CCTV surveillance is used extensively at Rockhampton Airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the purposes of public safety, security, crime prevention and detection.  Images may be provided to Queensland Police or other law enforcement agencies.  Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation external to Council unless required or authorised by law.