Tips & FAQ's

  1. Before you leave home decide where you are going to park.

    We have four car parks to choose from.  Each car park has been colour coded to make things a little easier, Short Term (green), Premium (red), Long Term (blue) and Covered (black).

    Tip:  Give yourself plenty of time to park and check-in, at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure as airlines have recently enforced strict check-in closure times.

  2. How do I access the car parks?

    The Long Term car park is only accessible via Canoona Road.  The main road leading into the Airport is named Hunter Street, just before the entry to the Airport there is a blue sign displaying 'Long Term Car Park' with an arrow pointing to the right, this is Canoona Road.

    To access the Covered, Short Term or Premium car parks, proceed straight down Hunter Street to the entry of the Airport.  When you get to the roundabout you will either turn left for Covered, straight ahead for Short Term or right for Premium.

    Tip:  Follow the signs that have a colour coded parking symbol on them or the colour coded arrows on the road.

  3. Are the car parks connected?

    The Long Term, Premium and Short Term car parks are all connected but only by pedestrian walkways.

    There is a small bridge connecting the Long Term and Premium car parks, continue across the pedestrian crossing and you will arrive at the Short Term car park where you will walk through the covered pay station, follow the covered walkway to the terminal.

    The Covered car park is in close proximity to the northern end of the terminal or check-in counters and is not connected to any other car park.

    Tip:  Follow the painted green lines and green writing on the bitumen that says 'Airport Terminal' and this will guide you to the terminal.

  4. What if I accidentally drive into the wrong car park?

    Don't panic!  You have 20 minutes free grace period in the Long Term, Premium and Short Term car parks.  Simply find the exit boom gate and insert your ticket at the exit, the boom gate will rise for you.  Unfortunately we do not issue refunds for parking in the wrong car park.

    Tip:  The only car park that does not have a free grace period is the Covered car park.

  5.  How are the car park fees calculated?

    Council fees and charges are reviewed and adopted just prior to each new Financial Year which is from 1 July to 30 June.  Rockhampton Airport car park fees are based on a 24-hour period.  Parking for partial days will be charged at the full daily rate.  Only the short term car park has partial charges up to the first 24-hour period, after this time charges are at the full daily rate.

    Tip:  Check the links at the bottom of this page "Compare and choose the parking option that best suits you" to do a price comparison and the "View the Car Park Map' to plan your visit.

  6. How do I pay?

    There are two pay stations located inside the terminal opposite the baggage carousels and two pay stations located in the short term car park.  All four pay stations accept both cash and credit cards.

    The exit stations do not accept cash.  Payment at the exit stations is by credit card only either by inserting your credit card or by the paywave/paypass facility.  There is no ability to pay by cash at the exit boom gate, you will need to park your car in a bay and walk to the pay station in the Short Term car park.

    If paying by paywave/paypass please leave the card over the reader until all four green lights are displayed.

  7. Can I pre-book a car space?

    No, there is no pre-booking of car spaces at this stage.

  8. What if I have lost my ticket?

    Go to one of the pay stations located in either the terminal or Short Term car park and press the help button.  A car park attendant will assist you via intercom with a lost pass ticket.  The attendant may ask for your vehicle registration number to verify your entry date and time.

    Tip:  Tickets are printed on thermal paper, please ensure tickets are stored safely and avoid hot, humid or wet conditions, exposure to direct sunlight or contact with plastic.  Tickets should not be left in vehicles for both security reasons and possible damage to the ticket.

  9. Park in a designated car park.

    You shouldn't have any trouble finding a park.  If you park in a designated parking bay you won't run the risk of receiving a parking infringement.  Local Laws regularly patrol our car parks as well as the MSS Kerbside Guards who can both issue infringement notices.

    Tip:  Parking or stopping in front of the terminal is prohibited and can lead to a parking infringement being issued.

  10. I forgot to press the receipt button.

    Care Park manage the Rockhampton Airport car park, please contact Care Assist on (03) 9926 6691 or email

  11. I wish to discuss a payment.

    Please contact Care Assist  on (03) 9926 6691 or email


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