Documents, Fees and Forms

The Customer Service Charter(PDF, 403KB)  ensures Council is committed to service excellence and monitors its service delivery within set timeframes.


Fees and Charges

Airport Fees & Charges Schedule 2020/21(PDF, 2MB)

Compare the Car Park Charges(PDF, 152KB)


Documents and Forms

Rockhampton Aerodrome Drug & Alcohol Management Plan(PDF, 2MB) (DAMP)

Car Park Terms and Conditions
(PDF, 95KB)
Rockhampton Airport Conditions of Use(PDF, 340KB)
Rockhampton Airport Bus Zone Parking Permit Request Form(PDF, 106KB)

General Operations
Rockhampton Airport Airside Escort Request Form(PDF, 235KB)
Rockhampton Airport Security and Emergency Awareness Guide(PDF, 7MB)
Rockhampton Airport Charter Advice Form(PDF, 263KB)
Hot Work Permit(PDF, 47KB)
Rockhampton Airport Night Works Application Form(PDF, 278KB)

Conference Room Bookings
Airport Rooms for Hire Booking Request Form(PDF, 297KB)


Car Park Map(PDF, 1MB)
Car Park and Terminal Map(PDF, 4MB)
Freight and Animal Drop Off/Pick Up Area Map(PDF, 2MB)


Cyclone Plan(PDF, 275KB)
Disability Access Facilitation Plan(PDF, 3MB)
Type A Chart - Aerodrome Obstacle Chart(PDF, 151KB)
Type A Chart - Listing of Objects(PDF, 198KB)
Aerodrome Spill Management Plan(PDF, 153KB)


All completed questionnaires must be forwarded to before any work can be undertaken.

Airport RESTRICTED Access Induction

Rockhampton Airport Restricted Access Site Induction(PDF, 7MB)

Site Induction Questionnaire(PDF, 165KB)

Airport LANDSIDE Induction 

Rockhampton Airport Landside Induction(PDF, 4MB)

Landside Induction Questionnaire(PDF, 154KB)


Rockhampton Airport Visiting Charter Staff Induction(PDF, 5MB)  

Visiting Charter Staff Questionnaire(PDF, 158KB)