Airside Operations

Rockhampton Airport 
Airport Operations have overall responsibility for the safety and security of passengers and aircraft.  The Operations team develops manuals and procedures and works closely with the various aviation regulatory bodies.  Operations provide guidance and advice on airport related town planning matters.  Planning and delivery of military exercises is also facilitated through the Operations area.  Airport Operations also plan and supervise most of the asset management works conducted on the aircraft operations areas (runways, taxiways, aprons etc.)

The Airport Operations Coordinator is also the designated Security Contact Officer and is responsible for aviation safety and security of Rockhampton Airport.

Drug and Alcohol Management Plan

This DAMP(PDF, 2MB) has been developed to meet the requirements of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) Part 99B and Rockhampton Regional Council's Drug and Alcohol Policy & Procedure. 

Refuelling Services

Jet A1                   Caltex   (tanker and hydrant fuel)
                              Phone:    (07) 4927 3181
                              Mobile:   0411 163 210

Avgas                   Shell (self serve bowser)
                              Phone:    (07) 4927 3181
                              Mobile:   0411 163 210

Ground Handling Services

Rockhampton Airport has one ground handling service provider:

Phone:      +61 7 3107 1920
Web:         Swissport
Address:   PO Box 4, Rockhampton  Qld  4700


Airservices is a corporate Commonwealth entity providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry.  Airservices has responsibility for:

  • airspace management
  • aeronautical information
  • aviation communications
  • radio navigation aids
  • aviation rescue fire fighting services

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is provided by Airservices at Rockhampton Airport as well as providing a Category 6 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting service (ARFF).  A Category 9 fire service coverage is provided for large military exercises which are held every year.

Contact details:
Phone:     1300 301 120
Web:         Airservices Australia

Noise complaints:
Phone:     1800 802 584
Web:         Aircraft Noise

Defence Aircraft Noise:
Web:         Defence Aircraft Noise
Contact:    Contact Us
Phone:      1300 333 362     

For charges set by Airservices for ATC and ARFF please visit their charges page on their website for more information.

Aircraft Parking and Bay Allocation

We currently have three Operation Supervisors (OS) who are available 7 days a week.

The OS should be your first point of contact.  If the OS is not available, the phone will divert to a Duty Safety Officer (DSO).  Duty Safety Officers are available 7 days per week and remain on call after hours.  Please refer to the ERSA for contact details. 

Charges apply to all aircraft parked in non-leased or private licensed areas only.  Airport Management does not permit designated parking bay positions in the General Aviation area.  Parking positions are available on a first come first served basis.

Aerodrome Obstacles

The Aerodrome Obstacle Chart Type A (Operating Limitations)(PDF, 151KB)   and Aerodrome Obstacle Type A - Listing of Objects(PDF, 198KB)  provides useful operational data for industry participants.

Security and Emergency Awareness Guide

This Security and Emergency Awareness Guide(PDF, 7MB) has been developed to assist you to fulfil your obligations and responsibilities to ensure operations at Rockhampton Airport are conducted in a safe and secure manner at all times.  Information in the guide covers everything you need to know to help protect Rockhampton Airport. 

Airside Vehicle Control

Rockhampton Regional Council has a specific responsibility to control access to restricted and prohibited areas of the airport, and to regulate and control persons and vehicles within those areas.  The control of vehicles on airside is necessary to meet the regulatory obligations applying to Rockhampton Regional Council and ensures procedures are in place to prevent unauthorised entry into the movement area.  Applications for Airside Vehicle Permits and/or Airside Drivers Authorisation must be submitted no less than 7 working days before any anticipated need.

Links for the airside driving information to include on the website forms/documents area below:

Airside Driving Training Program

The airside driving training program(PDF, 7MB) must be completed by the applicants.

Part 2.10 – Airside Vehicle Control

A chapter of the Aerodrome Manual which each applicant has to read(PDF, 683KB) .

Part 2.16 – Low Visibility Procedures

A chapter of the Aerodrome Manual which each applicant has to read(PDF, 800KB) .

Civil Aviation Order 20.9

This document(PDF, 198KB) is referred to in the extract from the Aerodrome Manual which each applicant should be familiar with.

Airside Driving Handbook

Personal user guide(PDF, 1MB) to driving airside.

Driver Training Record

The Driver Training Record(PDF, 532KB) must be submitted with an ADA application to verify training undertaken. 

Airside Driving Authority Application Form

This form(PDF, 402KB) is to be completed when a person wishes to apply for an airside driving authority (ADA) enabling them to operate a motorised vehicle in airside areas of Rockhampton Aerodrome.

Airside Vehicle Indemnity & Release Form

Indemnity form(PDF, 153KB) must be submitted by the Company applying for the AVP. 

Airside Vehicle Permit Application Form

This form(PDF, 406KB) is to be completed when a person wishes to apply for an airside vehicle permit (AVP) for a motorized vehicle that is required to operate in airside areas of Rockhampton Aerodrome.


International Operations

Australian Border Force  as well as the Department of Agriculture (Biosecurity)  are equipped to set up processing areas at Rockhampton Airport, however this should be arranged directly with the relevant department.

Recent international operations associated with military exercises include:

  • B747 Jumbo (Air NZ)
  • B777-200 (Singapore Airlines)
  • AN-124 (Antonov)
  • A330-300 (Singapore Airlines)
  • C17 Globemaster
  • C-5b Galaxy

Cyclone Plan

The Cyclone Plan(PDF, 275KB) has been prepared in close consultation with the Rockhampton Airport community. 

Rockhampton Regional Council gratefully acknowledges the cooperation and input from all organisations and individuals who participated in the preparation of this document.

This Plan has been prepared in compliance with the Civil Aviation Regulations 1998 Part 139 for Certified Aerodromes and is used in conjunction with the Aerodrome Manual and Airport Emergency Plan for Rockhampton Airport.

This document is UNCONTROLLED when printed.

Aerodrome Spill Management Plan

Rockhampton Aerodrome has prepared this handbook(PDF, 153KB) on spill response procedures for airport works who use, handle, store or transport substances that could contaminate the airport environment.