Airline Information

Rockhampton Airport

To help ensure your flight departs on time, airlines request you check in at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

Airlines have recently enforced strict check-in closure times, please avoid disappointment by adhering to these and contact your airline below for further information.

Baggage Limits

Each airline has differing bag limits and strictly enforce these, please check with the airline you are travelling with for more information to avoid an excess baggage charge.  Please find the direct links to the baggage limits for each airline here Qantas and Virgin.


 Qantas Airline

New Virgin Australia Logo

Bookings & Call Centre
Phone    13 13 13
Mon to Sun 24 hours
Reservations/General Enquiries
Phone     13 67 89
Mon to Sun  24 hours

Corporate Address
Qantas Centre
203 Coward Street
Mascot   NSW   20201

Corporate Address
Virgin Australia
PO Box 1034
Spring Hill   Qld   4004


Why Does Fog Cause So Many Flight Delays?

Safety, pure and simple.  There are many rules and regulations when it comes to flying in 'low visibility operations' and although it is safe to fly, it is unsafe to take off or land.

Have you ever driven a car in heavy fog and only been able to see the car in front of you?  Now, imagine a pilot in the same conditions trying to land on a runway he can't quite see, with a plane full of people and not even Air Traffic Controllers can see the plane from the tower.

Why Am I Delayed?

A little bit of fog can cause quite a lot of chaos at airports around the world setting off a domino effect of delayed and cancelled flights.  That also means if we have delays in Rockhampton it can also affect other people around the country who are booked on flights later in the day and it's not uncommon for flights to be delayed for hours, or even cancelled in the event of fog.  Likewise, if there is fog in other parts of the country it may have an effect on Rockhampton.

Any flights that may be cancelled is a decision made by the airlines.

What Should I Do?

Passengers are always encouraged to travel to the airport and check-in on foggy mornings as weather conditions can change quickly and flights often operate.

Always contact your airline  directly for information on flights.

Mother Nature likes to play havoc and whilst there is no guarantee that you can avoid fog entirely, during the winter months, it may assist by booking an afternoon or evening flight the day before.

On the Upside!

Due to the length of our runway, Rockhampton Airport over the years has played host to a number of diversions when Brisbane has been blanketed by thick fog.  In 2010 a Qantas 747-400 travelling from Los Angeles to Brisbane was diverted to Rockhampton.