Smart Technology

Smart Technology
The Smart Way Forward

The Rockhampton Region’s Smart Way Forward Strategy was endorsed by Council in 2015, making Rockhampton one of the first regional Australian cities to focus on the use of technology to grow the economy and improve liveability of the area.

The Smart Way Forward Strategy has been developed to plan how we use our region’s strengths, combined with the next generation of technology to overcome our local challenges and provide a new focus on the jobs of tomorrow, innovation, tourism and supporting the community with more efficient services.

Council is working to position Rockhampton as a great place to start and run a business, attract future residents to relocate to the region, and encourage tourists to return again and again. With the help of new technologies, the Smart Way Forward Strategy is aimed at enabling the Rockhampton region to become a Smart Regional Centre.

Riverside Smart Technology

The Riverside Precinct is an outstanding example of how new technologies are being introduced to position Rockhampton as a Smart Regional Centre.

A Smart Regional Centre uses real-time data, information and communications technology to help improve public services, grow employment, get the most out of our resources and provide a city where residents want to work and live.

With this in mind, a suite of smart technology components were integrated into the Riverside Revitalisation design to improve public safety, arts, culture, education, tourism and recreation. These technologies have also been designed to help to promote and protect our natural and built environments, heritage buildings and biodiversity. Smart technologies introduced in the Riverside Precinct and CBD:

  • Smart pole and LED lighting, with programmable illumination and integrated speaker system for ambient music and civic messaging

  • Free public Wi-Fi in all areas, including connectivity to the University’s EduRoam Wi-Fi network for university students

  • Smart CCTV camera network

  • Pole mounted digital banners and ground mounted interactive digital screens

  • Heritage façade lighting

  • Smart parking solution with sensors installed in up to 900 parking bays within the CBD and digital wayfinding banners displaying parking availability. 

Quay Street Heritage Façade Feature Lighting

Quay Street is home to some of the region’s most impressive historic structures, with a string of heritage listed buildings attracting thousands of tourists every year. Perched high on top of the Riverside Precinct's new Smart street poles is a high-tech feature lighting system which has been installed to bring these buildings to life by night with colour and ambient lighting. The specially designed system has the flexibility to change the character and mood of the riverfront at the click of a button, creating a range of opportunities for future community involvement.

Heritage Facade Lighting