Gracemere Pump Track

Cedric Archer Park, Gracemere Pump Track

The Gracemere Pump Track project will deliver a high quality pump track to suit beginner through to advanced riders. The pump track will be located on the corner of Fisher Street and Ian Besch Drive in Gracemere adding another amazing feature to Gracemere’s Cedric Archer Park. The pump track will consist of on asphalt surface spanning more than 550 metres in length and is designed to encourage progression and confidence for riders.


  • Residents across the region will soon be able to visit Gracemere to loop their way around one of Queensland’s largest pump tracks, thanks to a new project from Rockhampton Regional Council.
  • Cedric Archer Park truly is becoming one of the go to places for residents and visitors alike, and this track will provide yet another reason to come and enjoy the area.
  • The pump track will be a continuous loop providing hours of fun whether you’re on a BMX, a scooter or a skateboard.
    The project will contribute to Gracemere’s reputation not only as a great place to live, but also a great place to visit.


  • Project start: March 2020
  • Contractor: Bellequip
  • Completion date: April 2021*
  • Budget: $515,000
  • Funding: Works for Queensland (Round 3)

*Schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen weather, site and contractor conditions.

 Thank you to all residents for their cooperation and patience during these works.