Grazing BMP

The Grazing BMP program is a voluntary, industry led process which helps graziers to identify improved practices which can help improve the long term profitability of their enterprise. It also helps identify the steps you need to take to incorporate best management practices into your enterprise.

The program contains 5 modules with the grazing land management and soil health modules in particular providing information on invasive plant management and how you can manage your land and soil to reduce the amount of invasive plants growing and likely to grow.

Grazing land management is about managing the pastures and the number, type and location of grazing animals on your property to optimise pasture growth and composition, and animal production. It considers the property as a whole and seeks to reduce the threats posed by land degradation, erosion, weeds and pest animals, as well as safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity across the property.

Soil Health, a healthy soil has effective nutrient cycling, good water infiltration and storage, and provides food and shelter for soil animals. Soil health is affected by and contributes to land condition, that is, the capacity of a landscape to respond to rain and grow pasture. A healthy soil on grazing lands is one that consistently produces pasture to the potential of each land type. Best management practices for grazing are those that manage our soils for sustainable long term forage production.

You can register for the Grazing BMP with the Fitzroy Basin Association.