Projects & upgrades

There are major projects in the pipeline for Fitzroy River Water providing the Rockhampton Region with major benefits.

The 2016/2017 financial year sees FRW’s operational expenditure budget at $56.6 million.  View the Budget page for more information.  

The budget is set to bring several major water and sewer infrastructure projects, focusing on the leak detection program to reduce water wastage in the water network and investigating the sewerage network to limit the opportunity for rainwater to get into the network causing surcharging and treatment plant issues. This will increase the environmental sustainability of the operation and mean big cost savings to the underground water and sewerage infrastructure network across the Region.  Further important initiatives in the budget include modifications to the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant and other infrastructure to better place us when disasters strike.

Specifics on major capital works:

  • Water mains replacement program $2.9M
  • Sewer Mains Refurbishment $1.9M
  • Glenmore Water Treatment Low Lift pumps renewal $306k
  • SCADA system upgrade for whole of FRW $200k
  • Glenmore Water Treatment Plant electrical and control renewal $800k
  • Water mains replacement Mount Morgan $530k
  • Continuation of Mount Morgan Sewerage Scheme extension $1.1M
  • Gracemere Sewerage Treatment Plant augmentation works $1.2M
  • North Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant electrical upgrades $1.6M