Projects & upgrades

There are major projects in the pipeline for Fitzroy River Water providing the Rockhampton Region with major benefits.

The 2020/2021 financial year sees FRW’s capital expenditure budget at $21.3 million.  View the Budget page for more information.  

The budget sets to commence several significant infrastructure projects which will span over 3-4 years, focusing on the upgrade of the Gracemere Sewage Treatment Plant, North Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant and the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant.  The augmentation of the sewage treatment plants will increase treatment capacity to meet the needs of future growth.  The upgrade to the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant will improve treatment processes and enable further works to eventually increase treatment capacity.

Specifics on major capital works:

  • Barrage gate height increase $900k
  • Glenmore Water Treatment Plant electrical and control renewal $1.8M
  • Thozet Road Water Pump Station electrical and control renewal $1.0M
  • North Rockhampton flood mitigation $1.3M
  • Gracemere Sewage Treatment Plant augmentation $500k
  • North Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant augmentation $3.0M
  • South Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant mechanical dewatering and recycled water scheme $1.7M