Latest letters and media

The 22 June media release announcing Council committing $1 million towards Mount Morgan water security is here.

The 28 April media release outlining what steps have been taken to progress the long term security of Mount Morgan since last month's public meeting is here

The 21 April media release saying all of the questions from the public meeting had been published and answered is here

The 20 April media release confirming that trucking had now reached 20 tanker loads a day is here

The 14 April media release about how the public meeting went, along with a link to a recording, is here

 The 9 April media release announcing the commencement of water trucking is here.

The 1 April media release announcing the new date of the meeting is here.  

The 29 March Facebook post explaining the public meeting had to be postponed due to COVID-19 directives from Queensland Health is here.

The 24 March media release outlining the steps being taken to tackle the change in taste to water is here.

The 11 March 2021 media release announcing details of the community meeting is here

The 9 March 2021 media release outlining the latest water restrictions is here and the Level 6 fact sheet is here(PDF, 220KB)

The 5 March 2021 media release explaining how the trial went is here.

The 3 March 2021 media release providing an update and information about the water trucking trial is here.

On March 2 2021 FRW wrote directly to all Mount Morgan residents to give an update about the water situation and provide information about the water trucking trial. You can read a copy of the letter here: March-2-letter-to-update-Mount-Morgan-residents.pdf(PDF, 119KB)

The November 2020 media release announcing the introduction of Level 5 water restrictions is here.

No 7 Dam Feb 2021