Current restrictions

Level 6 Water Restrictions commenced in Mount Morgan on Monday 15 March, following the news that the No. 7 Dam has fallen to below 10% capacity. However, the water conservation by Mount Morgan residents means watering of private gardens can continue so long as the community keeps under the 0.8 ML per day target. The prohibition of all hand watering using a hose : only hand watering using a bucket or watering can is permitted between 7am and 8am or 5pm and 6pm in accordance with the existing odd or even numbered properties' allocated watering days. There are no restrictions on using recycled or bore water in your garden. There is more information here and the fact sheet is here(PDF, 220KB)

Exemptions from some restrictions have been granted for the elderly and disabled, and Mount Morgan Swimming Pool is also exempt to ensure it can remain open for public use. Please call us if you'd like to discuss an exemption.  

All Rockhampton Regional Council residents are encouraged to continue their efforts with conserving water around their homes, business and garden by becoming familiar with the Waterwise website.

Click here for all the water restrictions in the Rockhampton Region. 

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