Fitzroy River Water provides guidelines and a policy for sub-metering for multi-unit developments and metering of fire lines. Metered standpipe hire is also available.

Sub-metering for multi-unit developments

Sub-metering refers to the supply of a metered connection to all new multi-unit developments and those specified non-residential premises. In addition to the stipulation of mandatory installation of sub-meters within all new multi-unit complexes, the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code (QPW Code) also provides for a master meter which will measure the supply of water to a complex as a whole.

The Sub-Metering Guidelines and Specifications(PDF, 301KB) have been developed to ensure new owners of units will be able to identify their water consumption thus encouraging responsible water usage.

The Sub-Metering Policy(PDF, 120KB) outlines the processes for Fitzroy River Water to effectively implement the QPW Code. The policy applies to all developments requiring plumbing and drainage approval by Fitzroy River Water.

For a quote on private works complete the Water and Sewerage Services Private Works Application Form(PDF, 260KB) .

Metering of fire lines

A fire line is a designated water service specifically and solely used for fire fighting purposes. The designated fire service could be a stand-alone service or may be a designated part of a split service.

Fitzroy River Water meters all fire lines through a combination of retrofitting existing fire lines with appropriate meters and through the mandatory fitting of meters to all new fire line supplies. The metering of fire lines must comply with the Queensland Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

The Metering of Fire Lines Policy(PDF, 213KB) is to meter all fire lines in order to identify and eliminate avoidable system leakage and non-fire related water consumption through those services.

The policy applies to all properties in the Rockhampton Regional Council area requiring water connections for fire fighting purposes.

Metered standpipe hire

Fitzroy River Water provides metered standpipes for both short term and long term hire. Metered standpipes are used to obtain water directly from hydrants for approved activities such as construction, concrete sawing, dust suppression and water carting.

To hire a metered standpipe you must complete and submit the following to Rockhampton Regional Council:

You will be notified if / when a metered standpipe is available. These can be collected and returned to the Fitzroy River Water Administration Centre on Belmont Road, Parkhurst.

A bond will be required to be paid prior to picking up the standpipe, this will be refunded on the satisfactory return of the standpipe and full payment of any outstanding account balances.

If the metered standpipe develops a leak, has any mechanical damage or fails to operate, you should contact us.

Public standpipe - Gracemere

There is a public standpipe located at Gracemere to obtain water for activities such as construction and water carting, including filling of water pods.

To use water from the public standpipe you need to obtain a water card by completing and submitting the below form to Rockhampton Regional Council. 

Please note the Water Card can ONLY be collected and recharged at Council’s Gracemere Office.


For a full list of fees and charges please refer to Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule or contact Council on 1300 22 55 77 or (07) 4932 9000.