Publications and forms

Annual Report

The report provides information about our business performance, project highlights, financial report, community service obligations, statutory information and audits.

Corporate and Operational Plan

The Plans are the strategic business plans of Rockhampton Regional Council, including our commercialised business unit of Regional Services. The Plan sets out the strategic direction for Council over the next four years and defines the strategies and programs that Council aims to deliver, as identified through a community engagement process.

Fitzroy River Water's Operating Agreement and KPI's

This agreement guide Fitzroy River Water’s operations and its relationship with Rockhampton Regional Council. This document is supported by an annual performance plan that clearly states what is required of the business every 12 months.

Declared Service Areas

View the Declared Water Service Area Maps, the Declared Sewerage Service Area Maps along with the Notice of Declaration of Service Area.

Customer Service Standards

The Customer Service Standards informs customers of the level of service that Fitzroy River Water intends to provide.

Drought Management Plan

View the Drought Management Plan.


View Fitzroy River Water’s forms on Council’s forms webpage.

Policies and Procedures

View Fitzroy River Water’s policies and procedures on Council’s policies and procedures webpage.