Environmental Goals and Objectives

Water objectives 

  • To ensure potential environmental impacts due to the operation of the water treatment plant and storage facilities are minimised
  • To achieve compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements as specified in the EPA Licence
  • To achieve compliance with requirements of the Fitzroy Basin Resource Operations Plan.

Sewerage objectives

  • To ensure potential environmental impacts due to the system operation or non-operation are minimised
  • Discharge effluent at a quality that complies with EPA licence requirements and the recognised environmental values of the receiving environment
  • Control odour emissions from treatment plants and pump stations so as there is no impact on the amenity of surrounding areas
  • Minimise the amount of sewer system overflows/ surcharges.

Non-sewered areas objectives

  • To provide sewerage services to rural residential and urban areas where economically feasible
  • Consider medium term on-site effluent disposal in areas anticipated to be within future sewered areas where current connection to sewerage system is impractical.

Beneficial bio-solids and recycled water utilisation opportunities objectives 

  • To investigate bio-solids and effluent reuse alternatives to identify cost effective options that will provide positive outcomes for Fitzroy River Water, the community and the environment
  • To economically treat sewage and bio-solids to a standard that maximises their re-use potential
  • Minimise the environmental impact of dewatering and transport of bio-solids from treatment plants and provide beneficial use of the resource.