Buying or taking over an existing licensed business

If you are taking over a business from an existing operator, you will need to determine whether the business holds a current licence and the current status of the premises. It is a requirement that the existing operator notify the buyer of the need to hold a licence certificate.

In the event that the licence is to be transferred or the business is sold, a transfer form is to be completed and submitted to Council with the relevant fee. In addition to the standard details on the transfer form, the details and signatures of the new operator and the existing operator will be required.

It is also recommended that you conduct a business search to determine if there are any outstanding requisitions or outstanding fees owed by the business. There are three types of searches as follows:

Activity Facility Records Search - Current status of licence/registration records only (does not include an inspection report).

Activity/Facility Search and Inspection - Current status of licence/registration records and current inspection report where applicable. Applications must be accompanied by the relevant fee and consent of the licence/registration holder.