Changing or combining an environmental authority

Changing an environmental authority

As the holder of an environmental authority, you may wish to amend your environmental authority from time to time. Amending an environmental authority may involve changes to conditions or adding new activities to an operation.  In some situations, Council may also wish to amend your environmental authority.

To amend an environmental authority you must submit an Application to Amend an Environmental Authority with the relevant fee to Council. Council may refuse to process your application if you have any fees outstanding. 

If the amendment requires a development application  under the Planning Act 2016, then you must make that application first. A change to your development application will be required if you need to amend a condition of your current development approval.

To complete the amendment application form you will need to supply certain details regarding your proposed amendment (e.g. technical assessments of the impacts of the change on environmental values).  For more information on how to determine the impact on environmental values refer to the relevant technical guidelines.

Development permits for environmentally relevant activities are not transferable as the conditions apply to the land itself. If you purchase the land parcel you will also acquire the development permit. 

Combining an environmental authority

If you hold a number of environmental authorities, you may apply to combine your separate environmental authorities into one amalgamated environmental authority provided they:

  • Are all held by the same legal entity; and
  • All have the same administering authority.

It is not possible to apply for an amalgamated environmental authority when one of the environmental authorities has not taken effect. That is, you cannot apply for an amalgamated environmental authority at the same time you are applying for an environmental authority for activities that will be part of the amalgamated environmental authority. First you have to obtain the environmental authority and then you can apply separately to amalgamate the environmental authorities.