Get Ready: Understand Your Risks

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To get prepared for a disaster you must first understand your risk. It’s only when you understand your risk that you are able to take the necessary steps to reduce the impact of a disaster.

No matter how experienced you are with disasters, it is important to stay up to date with the risks in your local area, as they can change over time. There are many mapping tools available to help you determine the disasters you may face in your area, including the Rockhampton Emergency Dashboard, Rock e Plan, and QFES bushfire postcode checker. Additionally, you can explore Council's 2021 Risk Management Assessment.

Bushfires and heatwaves are considered to pose the biggest risk to our Region; however, we may be impacted by a variety of disasters. The following factsheets and videos provide an overview of these potential disasters.

Bushfire(PDF, 123KB)


Heatwave(PDF, 122KB)




Storm(PDF, 116KB)


Flood(PDF, 122KB)


Earthquake(PDF, 107KB)


Landslide(PDF, 69KB)


Pandemic(PDF, 68KB)


Cyclone(PDF, 110KB)


Tsunami(PDF, 116KB)