Get Ready for disasters

Do you know there are five steps you can follow to get Ready for a disaster in the Rockhampton Region?

1. Understand Your Risks

To get prepared for a disaster you must first understand your risk. It’s only when you understand your risk that you are able to take the necessary steps to reduce the impact of a disaster.

2. Make a Plan

Preparing a Household Emergency and Evacuation Plan will ensure that everyone in your household knows exactly what to do if a disaster occurs. You might want to involve your neighbours in developing your plan - neighbours who are elderly or have special needs may need your assistance. Equally, neighbours may also provide assistance to your household if required.

3. Pack Supplies

As a result of a disaster you may be unable to leave your home for an extended period of time. Be prepared by having an Emergency Kit stocked and ready for this time of situation.

There may also be times during an emergency where it becomes unsafe for your household to stay at home and you need to evacuate. In addition to your Emergency Kit you need to pack an Evacuation Kit – one for each member of the household. Refer to Your Emergency Guide to find out what supplies you need.

4. Prepare your Home

There is no better time than now to get your home prepared so you are ready when the next natural hits.

The best place to start is home maintenance.  Keeping your garden maintained and looking out for any damage on your home as a result of age or a previous incident will ensure your home is in the best shape it can be to weather a disaster. Refer to Your Emergency Guide to find out how to prepare your home.

5. Protect your Pet

It is important to consider what will happen to your pet in the event of a disaster. This means thinking about what plans you can put in place now to make sure your pet is cared for if you were unable to get home, or what you would do with your pet if you had to evacuate. Refer to Your Emergency Guide to find out how to protect your pet.