Local Disaster Management Plan

The whole-of-government Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements(PDF, 346KB) are based upon partnerships between the state and local governments. These partnerships recognise that each level of the disaster management arrangements must work collaboratively to ensure the effective coordination of planning, services, information and resources necessary for comprehensive disaster management.

Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to ensuring our Region is prepared for any disaster.  The Local Disaster Management Plan is prepared in accordance with the Disaster Management Act 2003

The Local Disaster Management Plan’s purpose is to ensure community safety through the development of effective disaster management strategies in order to ensure effective co-ordination of available resources to assist communities to:

  • Mitigate wherever possible, the potential adverse effects of an event
  • Prepare for managing the effects of an event and
  • Effectively respond to, and recover from, a disaster or an emergency situation.

The Local Disaster Management Group is responsible for developing and implementing the Local Disaster Management Plan to manage disaster operations in the area.  This includes the planning, organisation, coordination and implementation of all measures to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters within the Rockhampton Region.

Whilst the Rockhampton Regional Council Local Disaster Management Group and relevant emergency services will do all they can to assist the community in times of disaster, it should be remembered that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own safety and need to be aware of the hazards that could affect their community. 

Local Disaster Management Plan

Rockhampton-Regional-Council-Local-Disaster-Management-Plan-2017.pdf(PDF, 11MB)

1 - Evacuation-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
2 - Communication-Sub-Plan 2016(PDF, 2MB)  
3 - Cyclone-East-Coast-Low-and-Severe-Storm-Threat-Specific-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 3MB)
4 - Fitzroy-River-Flood-Threat-Specific-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 4MB)
5 - Environment-and-Public-Health-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
6 - Local-Disaster-Coordination-Centre-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
7 - Recovery-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
8 - Activation-LDMG-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
9 - Dam-Failure-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
10 - Financial-Management-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
11 - Impact-Assessment-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
12 - Public-Works-Engineering-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
13 - Rescue-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
14 - Logistics-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
15 - Medical-Services-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
16 - Evacuation-Centre-Management-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
17 - Tsunami-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
18 - Bushfire-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
19 - Marine-Oil-Spill-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)
20 - Emergency-Animal-Disease-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
21 - Influenza-Pandemic-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 1MB)
22 - Transport-Sub-Plan-2016(PDF, 2MB)

Mount Morgan All Hazards Disaster Plan

The aim of the Mount Morgan All Hazards Disaster Plan is to 'Enhance the resilience of the Mount Morgan community in planning and preparing for, responding to and recovering from disaster events and to improve communication between Mount Morgan and the Rockhampton LDMG'.

Mount Morgan All Hazards Disaster Plan (December 2013)(PDF, 1MB)

The State Emergency Service (SES)

As part of the Disaster Management Act 2003, Councils and Emergency Management Queensland are jointly responsible for providing and sponsoring volunteer State Emergency Service units. Council employs a fulltime local controller and supplies storage and operational equipment such as vehicles, flood boats, trailers, chainsaws, generators, lighting and safety equipment.