Rockhampton Region Emergency Risk Management Assessment

DM Risk Management Assessment.png

In our Region we are all too familiar with the impact of natural disasters.

No natural disaster is ever the same as its predecessor, and recent times have shown that the risks facing our community are changing faster than ever. In order to mitigate and prepare for these changing risks we need to understand them.

Our Emergency Risk Management Assessment 2021(PDF, 56MB) (updated and endorsed by LDMG on 24 June 2022) contains a clear and up to date assessment of the natural hazards that could impact our community. They detail how exposed we are and the strengths and mitigation strategies that we already have in place.

Importantly, this document shows that those events we typically see as a threat to our community – such as cyclones and flooding – may not be the threats that pose the greatest risks moving forward.

Already over the past few years we have seen an increase in the severity and frequency of bushfires; historically, something we haven’t often faced. Over the next few years, these events are likely to become even more extreme and complex.

As we adapt to new threats, it is more essential than ever that we look to understand precisely the risks we’re facing, and what we need to do to prepare. This risk assessment will inform the actions taken at Council as well as by the Rockhampton Region Local Disaster Management Group and emergency services organisations across our Region.

Everyone in our community is encouraged to take this information into consideration as they prepare their own households for the risks they may face.