Bushfire Strategy


Bushfires are the greatest natural threat facing our region, and we need to work together to ensure that our community is prepared.

We have seen the nature of bushfires change over the last two decades, becoming more frequent and more dangerous. According to the Rockhampton Region Emergency Risk Management Assessment, it is likely that one will occur each year in our community. The words ‘bushfire season’ carry more certainty than they used to and, if the current trend continues, this is a threat that is only going to intensify.

In response to this increasing risk, the Local Disaster Management Group commissioned a Bushfire Management Study (2021), Bushfire Management Strategy (2021-2025) and Bushfire Management Mitigation Plan (2021-2025) for the Region. These have been condensed into a summary document that provides an overview of the Bushfire Study, Strategy, and Plan, and outlines how we can all work together to protect our community.

This document looks back on our history, examines our risk, and highlights those communities which are particularly vulnerable. It provides an outline of the nine pathways identified in the Bushfire Management Strategy, mapping the options we can take moving forward through prevention and preparedness to response and recovery. It also outlines the actions we can begin to implement immediately. This body of work is a huge step forward in protecting our community, and ensuring we’re all ready when bushfires do occur.

Read Council's Bushfire Summary Document here(PDF, 17MB) or watch our short video below.