Fencing and enclosures

Dog fence 
As a pet owner you are responsible for providing an adequate enclosure to contain your pet to ensure the safety of other people, animals and wildlife. The community has the right to walk in public places without fear of being attacked.

The enclosure must be appropriately sized and suitably fenced to keep the animal on your property and prevent them from wandering, escaping or encroaching onto a public place. There must be adequate space for your pet, appropriate to the species and breed of the animal.

The fence should be designed and constructed of materials which are hole proof and strong enough to prevent your pet from escaping over, under or through the fence, and leaving the property. This may include buildings or structures (other than fences) which effectively contain the animal.

There are minimum standards for an animal enclosure, in the Rockhampton Region. You must:

  • allow public access to the front door and/or utilities
  • ensure the enclosure is constructed of strong and firm building and fencing materials
  • prevent the dog escaping over, under or through the barrier
  • keep gates closed and latched – Council recommends gates that are childproof and/or lockable
  • provide a shelter with shade and bedding
  • make adequate provisions for food and water
  • remove daily excrement, food scraps and other waste that is likely to become offensive, and dispose of it
  • regularly disinfect the enclosure ensuring that any run off water is drained away from adjoining land.

The enclosure must be maintained in a nuisance free manner at all times. An enclosure is deemed to be a nuisance if the concentration of flies around the enclosure is greater than the concentration in the general area; or the odour from the enclosure is clearly detectable at a premise on another allotment of land.

You should take reasonable steps to ensure children and other animals cannot gain access into your pet’s enclosure by keeping gates closed and latched except when in immediate use.

It is important to ensure that your pet is in the enclosure at all times and/or on a leash when in public places.

If your animal is found wandering at large Council can issue you an on the spot fine. If your dog is impounded additional fees may apply.