Bio-solids Reuse and Effluent Reuse Strategy

Bio-solids reuse

Bio-solids are the solid end product of the sewerage treatment process. Approximately 700 tonnes of  bio-solids dry solids are produced by the Fitzroy River Water sewage treatment plants each year.  Fitzroy River Water is collecting the bio-solids from its treatment plants and providing an access point from which local croppers with beneficial reuse approvals from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection,  may access the bio-solids for reuse.

Effluent reuse

The sewage treatment plants at Mount Morgan and Gracemere both provide recycled water for extensive irrigation of public and private parks and land. The three treatment plants in Rockhampton treat sewage with the treated effluent discharged into the Fitzroy River estuary downstream of the Barrage.

Fitzroy River Water is constantly looking for further opportunities to provide recycled water for irrigation.  Currently under assessment is the provision of recycled water from the North Rockhampton sewage treatment plant to the Rockhampton Jockey Club and to nearby Cyril Connell and Norbridge Parks.  Also under construction is pipework to transport recycled water from the Gracemere sewage treatment plant to the Rockhampton Golf Club.