Waste Facilities and Services for Semi Rural and Rural Areas

Reason for the Community Engagement

To assist with the identification of the most appropriate and cost effective waste management facilities and services, Rockhampton Regional Waste & Recycling will engage semi rural and rural communities.


  • Stage 1: Undertake face to face meetings and waste requirement surveys. Timeframe: July 2013. Completed.
  • Stage 2: Undertake face to face meetings and a preference survey. Timeframe: October 2013. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Complete Councillor Workshop to discuss potential options. Timeframe: March 2014. Completed.
  • Stage 4: Obtain Council approval for modifications to waste infrastructure. Completed.

Who should be involved

  • Local residents of Bajool and surrounding areas
  • Local residents of Wycarbah and surrounding areas
  • Local residents of Alton Downs and surrounding areas

How to have your say

Community engagement on waste facilities and services in rural areas has been completed.

Major Findings

The Waste Services and Facilities Community Engagement Report.(PDF, 1MB)  

  1. Localised bin stations (current bin stations with improvements) are the preferred option for most areas.
  2. Local communities want more local ownership over bin stations.
  3. Almost all bin stations have issues with littering, exposed items and scavenging.
  4. Harder penalties should be enforced on illegal dumpers.  
  5. Midgee and Gogango are in agreeance to move bin stations.


Rockhampton Regional Waste & Recycling has closed Midgee bin station and is in the process of improving other waste facilities across the rural areas.