Six Mile Reserve

Reason for the Community Engagement

Council Resolution, in the interests of community safety Council Officers are proposing the permanent closure of Six Mile Reserve excluding the part lease to the Rockhampton and District Motorcycle Association. Council has resolved to undertake community engagement to understand the communities view on closing this reserve.


  • Stage 1: Engage local residents. Timeframe: October 2012. Completed.
  • Stage 2: Face to face meeting with the president and secretary of Rockhampton & District Motocross Club Inc. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Seek endorsement from Rockhampton Regional Council for the Mount Archer Activation Master Plan. Upcoming.
  • Stage 4: Undertake approvals with State Government agencies (if required). Upcoming.

Who should be involved

  • Local residents specified above (Pink Lily)
  • Rockhampton & District Motorcycle Association Inc representatives
  • Local user groups (boat users) of the unformed boat ramp

How to have your say

The Six Mile Reserve consultation has been completed.

Major Findings

  • Majority of local residents/previous users want access to the Reserve
    • 84% of Pink Lily respondents indicated their preference to re-open Six Mile Reserve
    • 87% of persons outside Pink Lily indicated their preference to re-open Six Mile Reserve
  •  Overall various other concerns from local residents
    • 15% of Pink Lily residents concerned with noise issue
    • 15% of Pink Lily residents concerned with illegal use in the reserve
    • 15% of Pink Lily residents concerned with overall safety in the reserve


The Council has made the following decision (12 March 2013):

  • That Six Mile Reserve by reopened for public access under the following conditions:
    • The site can be closed if the perimeter fence to the Rockhampton and District Motocross Club’s leased area is compromised.
    • Signage is erected at the entrance to the Reserve advising of restrictions and prohibited activities, specifically:
      • No motorbike riding
      • No 4WDing
      • Camping by permit only
      • No Launching of boats
      • No lighting of fire
    • Council conduct an education campaign between September 2013 and December 2013 highlighting rules and conditions for use of the Reserve.
    • Council install timber bollards or an equivalent physical barrier to prevent access to the unformed boat ramp with supporting signage advising ‘No launching of boats’.


Following the community engagement in 2013, Council has resolved to replace the existing signage and remove the 'Camping be permit only' visual, as camping is not a consistent purpose of the Reserve as outlined in the Secondary use of Trust land under the Land Act.