Proposed Gracemere Cemetery Expansion

Reason for the Community Engagement

Council proposed the conversion of the reserve (Lot 2 Bland Street and Lot 1 Fisher Street, Gracemere) from a park to a reserve for a cemetery. This proposal included improvement and expansion of the cemetery amenities that is located on the adjoining lot.


  • Written correspondence to all residents that live next to or adjoining streets inviting comment on the proposed conversion, the proposed improvements and expansion of the cemetery amenities.
  • Meetings with local community groups such as the Gracemere Community Voice, Gracemere CWA and the Gracemere Pensioners & Superannuants League. 
  • Online and hard copy feedback open to the broader community to complete.
  • Inform Funeral Directors and how to be involved.
  • Undertake a drop in centre at the Gracemere Shopping World.
  • Promotion to the Regional Voice in Gracemere.

Who should be involved

  • The Gracemere Community
  • Funeral Directors

Major Findings

  • No significant issues raised by the community only one negative comment raised regarding the size of the proposal.
  • Many positive comments regarding planning, aesthetics, the need for further facilities.
  • Local community groups provided positive comments on the proposal.

Proposed Gracemere Community Engagement Report(PDF, 334KB)


Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes 6 October 2015

Item 8.4, Committee Recommendation

1. The Proposed Gracemere Cemetery Expansion Consultation report be received.

2. Council Officers commence construction of stage one at Gracemere Cemetery in line with the intent of the Concept Plans provided, utilising approved Capital Budget for 2015/16 Financial Year.

Moved by: Councillor Schwarten

Seconded: Mayor Strelow