Poll on the Poles

Reason for the Community Engagement

Banner poles for Gracemere have been requested to help promote community events. Council with the help of the community needs to decide where to place the Banner poles.


  • Stage 1: Undertake a poll on pre-defined areas. Timeframe: November 2015. Completed.
  • Stage 2: Discuss with community groups. Timeframe: February 2015-March 2015. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Seek approval from the Department of Transport and Main Roads. In progress.
  • Stage 4: Construct banner poles. Upcoming.

Who should be involved

  • Gracemere Community Groups
  • Gracemere Community Members 

How to have your say

Community engagement has been completed.

Major Findings

It was decided that the best location for the Gracemere banner poles would be close to the intersection of the Capricorn Highway and McLaughlin Street, Gracemere.


Will be reported once a determination from the Department of Transport and Main Roads has been received. This will inform the date of construction of the banner polls.