Pilbeam Drive Remediation Works

Reason for the Community Engagement
When Tropical Cyclone Marcia hit Rockhampton on 20 February 2015 extensive damage was sustained to Pilbeam Drive.  Although clean-up efforts, clearing and temporary barriers put in place by Council after TC Marcia has allowed access for residents to their homes and recreational visitors to visit Mount Archer National Park, significant works are required for the road to be stabilised and brought back to standard.

Rockhampton Regional Council received $4.7 million funding from the State and Federal Government under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement (NDRRA) to carry out the required remediation work for Pilbeam Drive. 

Surveys show 146 recorded defects, including 26 landslips of varying severity, and two landslips that have caused significant road failures requiring major construction works. Remediation works will restore these defects and focus on two main areas which have sustained the most damage and require major drainage works, stabilisation and treatment of the mountain face and reconstruction of the road. 

Due to the major earth work equipment required during the remediation works, Pilbeam Drive will be accessed by local traffic only.  Access will not be permitted for unauthorised vehicles or recreational users of Pilbeam Drive. Recreational visitors of Mount Archer and users of Pilbeam Drive for fitness purposes are encouraged to use the First Turkey Walking Trail or the variety of other walking trails throughout our Region for the periods of works.  For a list of alternative walking trails visit Kick Start CQ’s Pathway Directory


  • Stage 1: Apply for funding National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA). Completed.  Secured $4.7 million from the State and Federal Government under NDRRA – Category B and D.
  • Stage 2: Commence ongoing conversation regarding remediation works with residents and property owners and stakeholders of Mount Archer and end of Frenchville Road. Ongoing. 
  • Stage 3: Advertise and award Tender. Completed. 
  • Stage 4: Public notification. Completed.
  • Stage 5: Remediation work commenced - Monday 8 February 2016. 

Works estimated for completion mid December 2016, subject to weather conditions.

Follow the progress of the remediation works in our update newsletters below:

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On the road to restoration - Newsletter 5(PDF, 300KB)

Who should be involved?

  • Residents and property owners of Mount Archer
  • Residents and property owners end of Frenchville Road
  • Recreational visitors of Mount Archer/Pilbeam Drive

How to have your say

Questions about the Pilbeam Drive Remediation Works can be directed to Council’s Civil Operations Section by emailing pilbeamdrive@rrc.qld.gov.au

Major Findings

Feedback from community meetings was used to outline requirements for the tendering process.  Thanks to the residents of Mount Archer, Frenchville Road and the Rockhampton Region for their support and patience regarding the project.  Community meetings with residents of Mount Archer and the end of Frenchville Road will continue throughout the works period.


The Pilbeam Drive Remediation works will ensure assets which remain damaged after Tropical Cyclone Marcia are restored and where required, upgraded to a more resilient standard.  The works will provide safer access for local residents and the Regional community when visiting Mount Archer National Park.