Mount Morgan Gazebo

Reason for the Community Engagement

The Mount Morgan community has indicated that more work needs to be done to lift the visual appeal of Morgan Street and the Gazebo is one of the first steps in this process.


  • Stage 1:  Complete a survey on which Gazebo type is preferred. Timeframe: June 2015. Completed.

Who should be involved

  • Community members of Mount Morgan

How to have your say

The preference survey for the Gazebo has been finalised

Major Findings

Option 1 (Victorian Era Gazebo) received 92% support.


Option 2 (Modern Gazebo) received 8% support.



It was outlined though the engagement that further work was required to come up with an holistic street plan for Morgan Street.

Two street plan options will be developed that has a Victorian Gazebo entailed in one of the designs.