Community Conversations Campaign 2016

Reason for the Community Engagement

To develop the annual Council budget and assist with planning an extensive community engagement is required to understand community priorities, aspirations and how the community rates Council's services, facilities and infrastructure.


  • Rockhampton Regional Council Satisfaction and Importance Survey. Note that this survey is now completed.
  • Face to face meetings were undertaken across the Region.

Who should be involved

  • Residents and ratepayers of the Rockhampton Regional Council Area

Major Findings

Full Resident Satisfaction and Importance Survey Report(PDF, 10MB)

  • Overall satisfaction with Council servicing has decreased by 1.4%. The overall 2016 community score for all of Council servicing combined (facilities, infrastructure and services) is 2.84 out of 5. In 2014, it was 2.88 and in 2011 it was 2.59. To meet community expectations an overall community score of 3 out of 5 is required. 

  • The main reason for the overall decrease was minor decreases in a variety of Council services, facilities and infrastructure areas.
  • Most important service areas: Water Supply, Community Safety and Disaster Management. On a positive note: Water Supply (3.09) and Disaster Management (3.06) are meeting expectations however Community Safety (2.58) is below expectations.

  • Community Safety has increased significantly in importance since 2014, up 8%. Community Safety highlighted as priorities in North Rockhampton and Mount Morgan.

  •  Infrastructure not meeting expectations but remaining steady compared to 2014.

  • Five infrastructure items have a 2.5 community score or lower (Urban Sealed Roads, Footpaths / Cycleways, Rural Sealed Roads, Rural Unsealed Roads, Urban Unsealed Roads). In terms of community scores there was minimal movement compared to 2014.

  • Top performers were: Libraries, Rockhampton Art Gallery and the Pools.


Council received the Resident Satisfaction and Importance Survey report on the 11 April 2017.

Information from the report will be used to assist the planning and budgeting purposes.