Community Conversations

Reason for the Community Engagement

To develop the annual Council budget an extensive community engagement is required to understand community priorities, aspirations and how the community rates Council's services, facilities and infrastructure.


  • Stage 1: Undertake a first round of face to face meetings and a satisfaction/importance survey . Timeframe: November 2014. Completed.
  • Stage 2: Undertake a second round of face to face meetings April-June 2015. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Draft Rockhampton Regional Council Budget delivered by Mayor to Councillors. Completed.
  • Stage 4: Endorsement of the Rockhampton Regional Council Budget. Completed.

Who should be involved

  • Residents and ratepayers of the Rockhampton Regional Area

How to have your say

The Community Conversation campaign for 2014/15 has been concluded.

The Community Conversation campaign for 2015/16 will be announced later this year.

Major Findings

Resident Satisfaction and Importance Survey Results(PDF, 3MB)

Locality Meeting Minutes (Allenstown(PDF, 694KB)Alton Downs,(PDF, 96KB)  Bajool(PDF, 74KB), Berserker(PDF, 2MB)Bouldercombe(PDF, 72KB), Frenchville(PDF, 134KB) , Gracemere(PDF, 474KB) , Mount Morgan(PDF, 134KB) , Norman Gardens/Parkhurst(PDF, 64KB)Park Avenue(PDF, 2MB)  , Wandal(PDF, 714KB) and Wycarbah(PDF, 72KB))


The 2015/16 budget has been delivered.