CQ Principal Cycle Network - Proposed Urban Priority Routes

Reason for the Community Engagement

Ordinary Council Meeting 27 January 2016
11.1 CQ Principal Cycle Network Plan – Priority Route Maps


THAT this plan be the subject of consultation with cycle networks and with individual users.


The CQ Principal Cycle Network sets the vision to guide the planning, design and construction of the cycle network in Central Queensland.  Read the CQ Principal Cycle Network Plan on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website under the Projects tab. 

To determine how the cycle network is implemented within the Rockhampton Region, Council has worked with Main Roads to prioritise proposed urban routes into very high, high, medium and low categories. The objective of prioritizing proposed routes is to ensure that the roll out of the principal cycle network is coordinated and sequenced properly, with the most critical routes planned and developed first.

The prioritization process to determine the proposed priority routes has considered routes within a 5km radius of a major urban centre and that takes into account trips to work, schools, shops, major destinations, safety, topography, current usage, existing cycling infrastructure, feasibility and constructability.

Council wish to confirm with the community that the proposed urban cycle routes for our Region have been prioritised appropriately before providing endorsement of the routes to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Who should be involved?

  • Local cycling groups
  • Community members of Rockhampton Regional Council
  • Relevant government agencies 

How to have your say

View the proposed Rockhampton, Gracemere and Mount Morgan/Bouldercombe prioritised urban cycle routes below.

Proposed priority urban cycle routes - Rockhampton(PDF, 3MB)
Proposed priority urban cycle routes - Gracemere(PDF, 2MB)
Proposed priority urban cycle routes - Mount Morgan/Bouldercombe(PDF, 1MB)

Please note:

  • Route Priority A (for delivery in the next 10 years), 
  • Route Priority B (for delivery in the next 10 to 15 years), 
  • Route Priority C (for delivery in the next 15 to 20 years), and 
  • Route Priority D (for delivery in the next 20 years or more). 

A number of routes are shown as unprioritised. They are either already constructed or not considered a priority for investment within the above timeframes. However, facilities may be delivered on unprioritised routes as part of other projects.

The feedback period closed on Friday 29 April 2016.

Major findings

Feedback received from the community will be considered by Council. Any proposed changes as a result of feedback will to be advised upon Council decision.


Council will review the feedback received about the proposed urban cycle routes for consideration, prior to providing endorsement to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.