Mailchimp 101


[Webinar] Mailchimp 101


In this session, you will be actively working on your OWN mailchimp account. Please have the account set up and ready to work on.

Do you have Mailchimp?

What have you done with it since you signed up? Sent the odd email campaign? Added emails to your lists? Nothing?

Well get ready because we are going to take those lists and start to make them work for you with Mailchimp 101.

This jam packed session will give you a helping hand to really get this product WORKING FOR YOU. You will learn:

  • How to correctly set up your platform and email templates
  • How to protect your sending reputation to ensure that you end up in people's inboxes and not their junk mail!
  • How to correctly set up your lists (yup, you only need 1. Maybe 2 MAX)
  • How to setup Tags and a tag management system so that your message is being delivered to the right people at the right time
  • How to set up and use automations to save you time and sanity 


Pip Meecham is a systemisation specialist and has a love for all things systems, technology, processes and workflows. She looks at the HOW in your business - how you do the things you do. This translates to reviewing your processes and workflows for efficiency and effectiveness, implementing tools and technolgoy to help streamline your operations, and building SOPs to help you scale and build a business that can work without you. Making business easy is what Pip and the team at ProjectBox love and it’s what they do.



An ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld workshop in partnership with Advance Rockhampton and RDA Central & Western Qld

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  • Thursday, 22 October 2020 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


ONLINE WEBINAR (access from anywhere)