Recycling right


Did you know? Many companies now use the Australiasian Recycling Label (ARL) on packaging making it easier for you to recycle right! 

Recycling is the process of collecting, sorting, and processing materials and re-manufacturing them into new products. Your yellow lid kerbside recycling bin is our local recycling program, provided by Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling, established to collect common household grocery packaging items such as paper and cardboard, aluminium and steel cans, plastic containers/bottles and glass bottles/jars.

Every recyclable item you recycle via your yellow lid kerbside recycling bin saves natural resources from going to waste and puts them to better use to make new products out of recycled content. 

Below are some top tips on how you can 'sort it, clean it, and crush it' to recycle right in your household.

Get your recycling sort game on at home!

Set your household up with good recyclable sorting systems and habits! A handy place to set up your household sorting system is in your kitchen,using separate clearly labelled collection containers. Here's how:

Check for recycled and recyclable packaging when shopping!

Recycling right with your yellow lid bin is made even easier if you get on the front foot and choose items with packaging accepted in yellow lid bins.  

  • Know what is accepted in yellow lid recycling bins before you shop so you can choose recyclable items.
  • Look for the recycling symbol on packaging and check the Australasian Recycling Label on items with multiple components of packaging (i.e. cardboard biscuit box with soft plastic inside) to ensure the items can be sorted into correct recycling programs.
  • You can also look for packaging with recycled content and/or manufactured with post-consumer waste.
Recycling when you are out and about!

Once you have your household in good recycling habits, it is easy to keep up the good work when you are out and about.

  • Use a recycling bin that is provided in a number of public places such as shopping centres, airports, parks and events.  
  • When travelling or on holidays, check the local Council's website as to what is accepted in yellow lid recycling bins as items can vary slightly depending on how the local Material Recovery Facility equipment operates.
  • An even better option is to put together a little BYO kit including a reusable water bottle, cutlery, bag and containers and pop it in your bag, car or take it with you.
  • Look into the War on Waste Toolkit for Business to help set up a lunchroom and office recycling collection system at your workplace.
  • Consider collecting accepted 10 cent bottles and cans to take to a local Containers for change container refund point

There are so many more helpful resources available to help you keep recycling right! Find out more about yellow lid recycling bins as well as other specialised recycling programs in the helpful resources available below.