Sustainable Rockhampton Investment Fund

The Sustainable Rockhampton Investment Fund is an initiative with a dual purpose – reduce Council’s environmental footprint whilst delivering real financial savings.

Introduced within Council’s 2018 -2019 budget, the $5 million Fund aims to encourage innovative project opportunities, eco-efficiencies and environmentally sustainable work practices. To be eligible for funding, each project must have a strong business case that delivers a clear return on investment for Council.

The Sustainable Rockhampton Investment Fund is available for initiatives and investments that have the strongest potential to positively benefit the environment, whilst making real operational savings for Council. These could be:

  • Projects to support low carbon electricity, through the increased deployment of renewable energy technologies and energy storage
  • Increased use of technologies to deliver significant energy efficiency outcomes
  • Significant improvements to transport and infrastructure construction and maintenance practices
  • Introduction of alternative work practices or customer service delivery to become more environmentally sustainable
  • Waste avoidance, reuse or recycling initiatives
  • Water efficiency initiatives
  • Projects that accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to low emissions fuel sources.

Further project updates will be provided as new initiatives are approved for support under the Sustainable Rockhampton Investment Fund.