Learn about the Fitzroy Catchment


The Fitzroy River is our region’s major waterway and the largest river catchment flowing to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

Lower Fitzroy Catchment Story Map Journal 

The Lower Fitzroy Catchment Story Map Journal was prepared by the Queensland Government's Queensland Wetlands Program in collaboration with local partners. The map journal is best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.

Knowing how water moves in the landscape is fundamental to sustainably managing the catchment and the services it provides. The map journal describes the location, extent and values of the Lower Fitzroy Catchment. It also demonstrates the key features which influence water flow, including geology, topography, rainfall and runoff, natural features, human modifications and land uses.  

View the Lower Fitzroy Catchment Story

Fitzroy Basin Report Cards

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health is a collective of government, agriculture, resources, industry, research and community interests across the Fitzroy Basin in Central Queensland.

Partners share a common goal to provide a more complete picture of river health. They achieve this by providing funding, resources and water monitoring data that the Partnership uses to prepare annual report cards that are accessible to everyone.

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Check out this video About Fitzroy Partnership for River Health