Bringing Nature Back


Our natural environment includes a range of ecosystems that support our Region. It is the productive lands, waterways and habitats that capture or remove pollutants, regulate weather and atmospheric conditions, and support our diverse flora and fauna. It also provides us with clean air, water, food and a variety of minerals that sustain our industries and lifestyles and deliver economic, social and cultural benefits to our communities.

To recognise the importance of this natural environment, Rockhampton Regional Council is ‘Bringing Nature Back’ into our community’s hearts, minds and everyday lives. The program includes a range of local events and activities that connect our community with nature and support our strategic social, economic and environmental goals. Bringing Nature Back is about building sustainability awareness and capability within our local community, promoting nature-based recreation in our parks and open spaces and generating opportunities for the wider community to contribute to the protection, maintenance and enhancement of our Region’s natural environment.

The Bringing Nature Back program is a key initiative under Rockhampton Regional Council’s Sustainability Strategy and has received funding from the Australian Government.

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