Urban greening projects


At its heart, environmental sustainability is about taking care of the environment so that our environment can continue to take care of us, both now and indefinitely into the future.

Across the Region, there are a range of individuals, community groups and organisations working hard to make change happen. Council works with a range of environmental partners.

Find out about some of the projects helping to protect, maintain and enhance our natural environment.

  • Council works with a range of local organisations and community groups to deliver urban greening projects around our Region. Together, these projects create opportunities for our community to connect with nature whilst also contributing to the character, identity and liveability of the Region.  These projects may also increase shady canopy cover (which helps to cool our streets and parks) and enhance local biodiversity (by supporting our waterways, plant and animal life). Some of Council’s current urban greening projects include:
  • CBD Street Tree Program – This program is all about enhancing shade and amenity in our CBD.
  • Col Austin Park - Council is working with Jobs Queensland and Multicultural Australia to increase native vegetation along Moores Creek. As these trees mature, they will help to shade the pathways, provide important wildlife habitat and increase the resilience of the natural creek system.
  • Fraser Park – Fraser Park is located at the Mount Archer Summit. As part of a collaborative partnership, Council is working with local not-for-profit community based group Capricornia Catchments to undertake bush regeneration works and to enhance the area around the lookouts, nature play area and elevated boardwalk.
  • Eichelberger Park – Council is working with Multicultural Australia to revegetate areas of this park along Moores Creek, complementing the new playground that Council installed in early 2019. This site has had previous revegetation works completed by community groups in 2016 and the current project extends on these works.
  • Armstrong Street Community Gardens - Council has been working closely with Multicultural Australia on enhancing the Armstrong Community Gardens. This garden is set up to encourage the local community to come and take part.