Community Conversations Campaign 2018

Let Council know what your priorities are for your community

Council has held the Community Conversations meetings for 2018.

The Mayor, Councillors and the management teams opened discussions on key projects in the community.  

Below is the list of presentations made and minutes  from the meetings. 

 Locality       Presentation       Minutes   Meeting held at
 Bajool    Bajool presentation(PDF, 3MB)   Bajool Minutes(PDF, 1MB)     Bajool Hall, Bajool
 Bouldercombe   Bouldercombe presentation(PDF, 4MB)   Bouldercombe Minutes(PDF, 203KB)   Recreation Complex Hall, 52496 Burnett Highway, Bouldercombe
 Gracemere   Gracemere presentation(PDF, 12MB)   Gracemere Minutes(PDF, 212KB)   RSL Gracemere & District Sub Branch Inc., 12 James Street, Gracemere

Mount Archer and Frenchville presentation(PDF, 14MB)

  Frenchville Minutes(PDF, 225KB)   Frenchville State School, School Hall, 225-237 Frenchville Road, North Rockhampton
 Parkhurst   Parkhurst presentation(PDF, 15MB)   Parkhurst Minutes(PDF, 210KB)   Rockhampton Heritage Village, Reception/front lawn area, 296 Boundary Road, Parkhurst
 Wycarbah   Wycarbah presentation(PDF, 13MB)   Wycarbah Minutes(PDF, 210KB)   Wycarbah Hall, Wycarbah
 Mt Morgan   Mt Morgan presentation(PDF, 18MB)   Mt Morgan Minutes(PDF, 215KB)   Mt Morgan School of Arts, 33 Morgan Street, Mt Morgan
 Alton Downs / Ridgelands   Alton Downs presentation(PDF, 16MB)   Alton Downs Minutes(PDF, 213KB)   Alton Downs Polocrosse Club, 3330 Stanwell-Waroula Road, Alton Downs
 Allenstown   Allenstown presentation(PDF, 5MB)   Allenstown Minutes(PDF, 209KB)   Allenstown State School, Performing Arts Centre, Upper Dawson Road, Allenstown 
 Depot Hill    Depot Hill presentation(PDF, 8MB)   Depot Hill Minutes(PDF, 208KB)   Depot Hill State School, Library, 51-63 O'Connell Street, Depot Hill

*TBC - To be confirmed 


Resident Satisfaction and Importance Survey

Council also undertook a Resident Satisfaction and Importance Survey, to rate Council services, facilities and items of infrastructure.

Note that this survey closed on the 19 October 2018.