Your Budget, Your Choice community budget

Reason for the Community Engagement

To understand the community’s views and opinions on potential changes to service delivery with an aim to increase financial sustainability and deliver appropriate services into the future.


  • Stage 1: Undertake Your Budget, Your Choice workshops understanding the community's views and opinions on options including potential changes. Timeframe:  March-April 2013. Completed.
  • Stage 2: Provision of an online survey and paper/mail based survey. Timeframe: March-April 2013. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Seek endorsement from Rockhampton Regional Council for the Mount Archer Activation Master Plan. Upcoming.
  • Stage 4: Undertake approvals with State Government agencies (if required). Upcoming.

Who should be involved

  • The broader Rockhampton Regional Community
  • Users Mount Archer
  • Stakeholders of Mount Archer
  • All levels of Government

How to have your say

Community engagement has been finalised for the Your Budget, Your Choice engagement.

Major Findings

Your Budget, Your Choice Community Engagement Summary(PDF, 614KB)

Your Budget, Your Choice Community Final Report(PDF, 1MB)


Rockhampton Regional Council Budget 2013/14.