Secondary Airfield Master Planning Evaluation

Reason for the Community Engagement

Airport Management has identified that by reducing the length of the secondary runway a variety of benefits would be obtained. A discussion with aviators, commercial operators and others needs to be undertaken.


  • Stage 1: Meeting with stakeholders and the aviation community. Timeframe: July 2014. Completed.
  • Stage 2: Submissions open to the broader community: July-August 2014. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Provide community engagement report to Council. October 2014. Completed.
  • Stage 4: Council decision on reducing the secondary runway. October 2014. Completed.

Who should be involved

  • The broader Rockhampton Regional Community.
  • Aviators that use the Rockhampton Airport.
  • Commercial operators that use the Rockhampton Airport.

How to have your say

Community consultation on the Secondary Runway Master Plan evaluation has been completed.

Major Findings

The Secondary Runway Community Engagement Report Final(PDF, 1MB) .


Council Meeting - 7 October 2014 - Council Resolution

THAT the secondary runway be altered to a Code 2B runway, non-instrument, daytime use only. It provides a 1200m take-off on 22 and a 1200m landing on 04.

Furthermore it provides a 900m take-off on 04 and a 900m landing on 22. The disused runway length will be converted to taxiway.