Mount Morgan Former Caretakers Residence

Reason for the Community Engagement

To discuss options for the Old Caretakers Residence going forwards as it is currently a safety hazard due to its current state.


  • Stage 1: Paper/Online submission form. Timeframe: 17 May 2013-7 June 2013. Completed 
  • Stage 2: Public meeting - School of Arts Mount Morgan - 33 Morgan Street . Timeframe: 5 June 2013 (6pm to 7.30pm). Completed.
  • Stage 3: Detailed survey for the two options (Rebuild/Repair and Demolish/Re-use the materials mailed to all household in Mount Morgan - July 2013 . Completed.
  • Stage 4: A Town Meeting at Mount Morgan to discuss results and way forward - 2 October 2013. Completed.
  • Stage 5: A report on findings to be presented to Council for a decision . Completed.

 Who should be involved

  • The Mount Morgan Community

How to have your say

The Mount Morgan Caretakers Residence consultation has been completed.

Major Findings

In terms of the future direction for the Former Caretakers Residence at 36 Thompson Avenue what is your preference?

 -        59% of respondents requested that the building be deconstructed

-        41% of respondents requested that the building be restored


THAT the "matter lay on the table" until the results and the proposed action was presented to the community of Mount Morgan. After this point a report on the meeting will go back to Council for a decision. Information on the outcomes will be provided through the Mount Morgan Argus and on Council’s website.