Gracemere Industrial Area

Reason for the Community Engagement

Initial consultation for the proposed amendment has resulted in a number of changes. There is now a statutory requirement for the community to review the proposed amendment in full and make formal submissions as they believe necessary. 


  • Stage 1: Planning and preparation. Timeframe: November 2012. Completed.
  • Stage 2: State Interest Review. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Public Consultation. February 2013 - March 2013. Completed.
  • Stage 4: Adoption. Timeframe: July 2013. Completed

Who should be involved

  • Gracemere community
  • Landholders in the Gracemere Industrial Area

How to have your say

The Gracemere Industrial Area consultation has been concluded.

Major Findings

Will be presented throughout the course of the engagement.


On 14 May 2013 Council passed a resolution to proceed with the proposed major amendment with no changes, respond to each properly made submission and write to the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, providing the summary of responses from the consultation period, seeking approval to adopt the proposed major amendment to the Fitzroy Shire Planning Scheme 2005.

Council received advice from the Minister of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning that it may proceed with the major amendment subject to one condition.

The Fitzroy Shire Planning Scheme 2005 takes effect on and from 19 August.