Diplock Street Traffic Management

Reason for the Community Engagement

There has been various complaints from local residents of safety concerns along Diplock Street primarily from speeding vehicles.


  • Stage 1: Undertake a survey along the entire street to understand where there are safety concerns. Timeframe: March 2013 Completed.
  • Stage 2: Undertake group meetings at various intersection to discuss potential traffic calming devices. Completed.
  • Stage 3: Create a report with findings for Rockhampton Regional Council for consideration. Timeframe: December 2013. Completed

Who should be involved

  • Residents of Diplock Street

How to have your say

The Diplock local area traffic management engagement has been finalised.

Major Findings

In total, 73 interviews/surveys were completed and the main messages from residents were:

  • Speed is a major concern for residents in Diplock Street
  • 69% of all residents surveyed commented that speed was a major concern
  • Three quarters of all residents are open to speed management devices in Diplock Street 
  • Overall 75.3% of all surveyed residents indicated that they were open to these types devices being placed in Diplock Street


9 December 2013. A report is being prepared for Council’s Infrastructure committee to recommend that a staged approach be undertaken to slow traffic and discourage non local drivers from using this street. This report is anticipated to be delivered early 2014.

 Please note that Council will discuss the actual speed management device with residents that live close to these intersections before this report is delivered to the Infrastructure committee.