Rockhampton Show Holiday Confirmed for August

Published on 02 June 2020


Council has now received confirmation from the State Government that the Show Holiday can take place on Friday 14 August. 

Rockhampton Region Mayor, Margaret Strelow, acknowledged and apologised for the last minute drama which was out of Council’s hands.

“Rockhampton is basically the dividing line. Above us will be a string of communities who will shift their show holiday now that the lead has come from the State Government, and below and to the west are those who have already had their Show Holiday (or the opportunity came too late for them). Gladstone is a special case and has taken the Ekka Show holiday as a long weekend in August for a few years,” said Mayor Strelow.

“To be honest once Livingstone decided to change their holiday then the decision was made for us. Whilst the community might be divided at the moment, I can assure you that come August - when two thirds of Queensland including Yeppoon, Mackay and Gladstone take a long weekend - we will be more than ready for a long weekend too.

“I’m especially mindful that whilst the communities of Livingstone Shire and Rockhampton Region are two separate local government areas many families have employment across borders and students at school. Families will want the opportunity to go somewhere together. Whether it’s to visit Grandad in Maryborough or an aunt in Brisbane. Or even better, invite friends and family to visit us.

“This last minute drama could have been avoided had our request to the State Government to move the Show holiday back in April triggered earlier thoughtful consideration of this matter, but at that time we were told the holiday couldn’t be moved unless it was to coincide with a rescheduled Agricultural Show – it was basically use it or lose it.

“That said if a lack of proper consideration of our April correspondence is our only complaint considering the state of the world we’ve done fairly well. I’m not complaining, just more than a little frustrated at how this has played out for our community.

“However I am now looking forward to what I am sure will be a wonderful long weekend in August, a weekend that will bring more economic benefit to the region than if we had a day off during the week next week with a number of restrictions still in place.”