Mayor to help shape economic development in Queensland

Published on 09 January 2015

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow has welcomed her appointment to the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Regional and Economic Development Advisory Group (REDAG), during the Christmas break.

Mayor Strelow says the appointment comes at a critical time as the Region places a strong focus on progressing relationships between the business community and key stakeholders.

“I am delighted to be appointed to the LGAQ Regional and Economic Development Advisory Group and I look forward to raising our Region’s key issues next month.

“This platform allows us to work with all levels of Government as we strongly advocate for economic support for Queensland’s regions and continue to strive for the best outcomes.

“This opportunity is a great advantage to put forward Local Government priorities, especially at a time when Federal and State Governments are cutting down on funding,” she said. 

Mayor Strelow will deliver her key messages when she attends the LQAG REDAG in Newstead on 2 February, 2015.