Council reveals designs for new Kershaw Gardens central precinct

Published on 24 May 2016

Rockhampton Regional Council has unveiled detailed designs of Kershaw Gardens’ new central precinct!

The new designs seal the landfill that was exposed by Cyclone Marcia in accordance with modern standards as well as providing a brilliant family area.

The designs received the final seal of approval in today’s ordinary Council meeting.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said the final designs are a result of overwhelming community support and feedback from consultation in 2015. 

“Understandably, the redevelopment of Kershaw Gardens is very important to our community which was evident during the consultation period,” Mayor Strelow said.

“I believe we should be able to measure the success of the redeveloped Kershaw Gardens by counting the number of family gatherings and birthday parties held there on any given weekend!

“This playground will be without doubt the most appealing of any in the Region.”

A highlight of the playground is a shallow water play area which is designed to represent the Fitzroy River with its crossings and features such as the Barrage.

“Children will paddle and play in gently flowing water which is no deeper than 20 cm at any point,” Mayor Strelow said.

“Shallow Ponds and lots of shaded places for mum and dad to sit nearby will make this very relaxing family space.” 

Other key elements of the central precinct include plenty of shaded seating areas, BBQ’s, nature play area, a maze and a monorail which the community highlighted as an important element of design.

The designs cover works in the central area and will be delivered over the next three years with a combination of grant funding from both levels of Government and council allocations, bringing the total project to $13.7m.