Better, Faster, Stronger Community Recovery

Published on 24 April 2020


Rockhampton Regional Council has today called for submissions from the community to help shape a Recovery Plan.

Mayor Margaret Strelow said while it was hard to plan a recovery in the midst of the pandemic, the weeks of planning to date had set the region up well to tackle the next steps.

“We have been planning a community recovery plan for a while now with the support of both State and Federal politicians locally,” Mayor Strelow said.

“We want our community to be in the best possible position to bounce back as restrictions start to ease. To do that though, we first need to understand what the situation is.

“That’s why we’ve produced three short, simple surveys – one for residents, one for businesses and one for community and sporting groups.

“We sent out a number of surveys directly to people already through our databases but we need to hear from as many in our community as possible.

“So if you own a business, or represent a club or group, or are a resident of our region, please spare the 10 minutes to fill in a survey. Your feedback will help shape what our region’s recovery will look like. If we know what the gaps are we know where to look to find solutions and help people, groups and businesses recover faster and stronger.

“The reason this is important is because we recognize the impact has been different for everyone. Some businesses are closed, some have reduced staff and some still are going strong.

“We know it is hard to focus on recovery right now and that people may have been surveyed to death, but please make the effort. 

“As a Region, we want to do more than just endure this period. We want to ensure that we are prepared to come back stronger as the restrictions ease. For that to be possible we need to take advantage of this time, and start doing the groundwork now.

“This is an unprecedented event, and there is not a clear road map for us to draw on as a Council.

“However, by working together as a community, we will create a plan that is right for our Region, and ensure we seize the opportunity to come out of this as one of the strongest regions.”

General community survey:

Business survey:

Survey for sporting clubs and community groups: