Rose's Angels


Rockhampton Region Councillor Rose Swadling has agreed to use her substantial contacts and connections in the local community to establish the ‘Rose’s Angels’ agency, which will be an effective support in a time when many might be worried that they will fall through the cracks.

The primary aim of Rose’s Angels is to ensure that no-one in the community is left feeling isolated and without help.

The elements of support are:

  • Communication and listening to the assistance that is required and then relaying what resources are available for people
  • Access to home delivery if need be
  • Referrals to other services that may be established
  • It may extend to regular phone calls if required and these cannot be fulfilled by others.
  • Advocating and assisting other key services in our Community when the need arises eg. Meals on wheels.

COVID-19 is like nothing that Australians have experienced and it will be an exercise of learning and being able to respond to a wide variety of requests.  The sentiment of Rose’s Angels is clear – that Rockhampton Regional Council will help its community through these challenging times and ensure that no resident is left isolated and without assistance.

For more information on Rose's Angels please contact Customer Service on 07 4932 9000