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Advance Rockhampton is partnering with Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) to deliver a webinar series aimed at helping small business on their digital transformation journey. ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld offers low cost, high quality online workshops to help you build your online presence and compete in a digital world. This is especially relevant during these trying times. These webinars provide flexibility and ensure that information can be provided to businesses whilst adhering to social distancing rules as it is all in an online environment.

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Workshops facilitated by Industry Experts

Renee Dembowski | Social Butterfly Marketing
Social Butterfly Marketing founder and CEO Renee Dembowski is an innovative trailblazer in the exciting world of social media. With fresh ideas and a penchant for predicting the next big thing, Renee has successfully transformed a flair for social media strategy into an award-winning enterprise. In 2017, Renee was the first person in Australia to be awarded the Diploma of Social Media Marketing and is now an industry recognised trainer. In addition to delivering the Diploma, Renee specialises in offering an eight-week online Social Media Intensive course for individuals and businesses.

Andrea Anderson | Your Marketing Machines
Andrea Anderson, founder of Your Marketing Machines, is a passionate advocate of the power of the small business enterprise to establish economic strength and stability. The KISS Theory – Keep It Simple Silly - is her main aim when transforming organisations with a structured approach for cohesion and collaboration. Andrea has owned and operated businesses for the last 20 years as a 'solepreneur' through to employing up to 35 people.

Michelle Fragar | BRANDiT
Michelle Fragar is a world-class marketer having run global marketing departments, and she is excited to be able to share her knowledge with you. She is at the forefront of marketing trends and strategies, holding a position on the Queensland Committee of the Australian Marketing Institute. Michelle also holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and has over 19 years experience in dedicated marketing roles. She now runs her own marketing and advertising agency, BRANDiT, helping Gold Coast businesses achieve in a local - or if they dream big - global market.

Pip Meecham | ProjectBox
Pip Meecham is a systemisation specialist and has a love for all things systems, technology, processes and workflows. She looks at the HOW in your business - how you do the things you do. This translates to reviewing your processes and workflows for efficiency and effectiveness, implementing tools and technolgoy to help streamline your operations, and building SOPs to help you scale and build a business that can work without you. Making business easy is what Pip and the team at ProjectBox love and it’s what they do.

Clinton Begg | CB5 Social Media Management
Clinton Begg is a community-minded business professional who has a passion to help businesses succeed within the digital economy. Having worked with international and national brands, Clinton brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help small businesses grow their online presence and get results. Clinton owns a digital marketing agency which employs a team who have the same community-minded business passion.

Liam Fahey | LAD Social 
Liam Fahey is a serial entrepreneur, creative director, photographer and social marketer. He has a proven track record creating online marketing campaigns for companies across different industries, and a reputation for taking businesses from local markets to international markets with the right website design and social media. Liam believes any business can be successful by creating a marketing plan with a strong focus on branding and capability. Liam specialises in organic content creation and has been producing content for social media marketing for over 10 years.

ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld workshops in partnership with Advance Rockhampton and RDA Central & Western Qld

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